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Your Web site: A must for journalists and your customers

Nonprofit communicators cannot afford to neglect their Web presence. In most instances, a journalists' or online news consumer’s first step to find out more about your issues or your organization will be to search the Web. As a non-profit organization with a small PR or media relations budget, you should pay extra attention to your online presence.

Today, the most important and cost-effective PR tool that a nonprofit organization has is its Web site. If you don't have one that is compelling and kept up to date, the traffic will walk right on down the street. The content needs to be accurate, reliable and up-to-date for journalists and other visitors. Frequently, though, Web sites are held “hostage” by IT departments who have no control over the content.

Nonprofit organizations now have the ability to manage their Web content using a variety of easy-to-use content management tools. Without having to learn any programming or technical skills, a nonprofit communicator can have direct control to manage the news content on their site and give journalists and online audiences what they are looking for and get better results, faster. PR Newswire's MediaRoom provides a complete content management system allowing for real-time content control of the News or Media section of your Web site.

MediaRoom is a cost effective solution for nonprofit organizations that allows online content to be updated as fast as developments take place. Regardless of the strategic and budgetary battle that the decision maker might face within their organization, they are sure of one thing, if a journalist or online visitor happens upon their Web site for whatever reason, they will be presented with a professional, industry-leading Web site that is current and easy to navigate/find what they need.

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